Roberto Cabrera


Roberto Cabrera is a second-generation DeafBlind, Queer, Dominican. He is known for his work as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, a community outreach specialist, a teacher, and a trainer.

3:00 PM

Friday 21st July

Entering the Protactile Zone: Experience Real Talk with DeafBlind BIPOC Queer Folxs



Abstract: Touch is one of our human senses, and Touch is the most neglected senses, due to systemic oppression and as well traumatic experiences growing up. At the other hand, touch is one of the amazing senses that you could feel the vibes of people and as well the feel of a flower. Two leading BIPOC DeafBlind Queer Folxs will discuss how we people approach with touch within our communities: DeafBlind Communities, BIPOC Communities, and Queer Communities. The session will be very interactive with people sharing their experiences and views of touch. Lastly, the presenters will introduce touch as one of our communications skills, practicing Protactile as a language surrounding touch.